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Our 'PYJAMAS & STORYTELLING' charity event raised an amazing 7,596.19 for 3 fantastic charities: The Good Life Orphanage, Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Home Start Bury.

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Walshaw Nursery Parents Comments – May 2016

I just want to say a big thank you to all of the staff in Jacks room his time at nursery and tells us about his day when he gets home, keep up the good work.  Vicky Waldram

Love the team members and so does Darla.  Katie Mawdsley

 Really happy with the level of care. Outstanding – as always.  Amy Melbourne

Brilliant nursery would never take Frankie elsewhere.  Chloe Thomas

Thanks for all you do for Megan – she is very happy here” (Alison Halliwell)
Really happy with everything, so happy Charlie got a place here. Love the menu, love that the meat is from the local butchers. Charlotte Langford

This is a fantastic nursery. Cara absolutely loves it here and that is due to the amazing staff. With Cara’s additional needs, the staff have done everything they can to help. They have everything in place and are so enthusiastic and helpful in their approach. Sarah Parkinson

Me and my husband (and son) think the mulberry bush is fantastic and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks for all your continued hard work. I always feel staff take an interest in Ted and provide him with first class care. Absolutely this has been above and beyond expectations.  Lindsay Thorpe

Everyone goes the extra mile and all so helpful and informative, everyone at Mulberry bush are fabulous.  Charlotte Pennington

We always have absolute faith in Poppy’s childcare while she is at nursery. It’s a very comforting feeling. Craig & Claire Morley

Really thankful that we sent our child to this nursery, he’s been getting all the help he can with his development and is improving all the time with the help of the nursery staff.  Lisa Lucas

All the staff and the management team are excellent. We always feel that our opinion/feedback has always been taken very seriously and action has been taken. All staff at Preschool are experienced and their interactions/rapport with Arjun is great.  Nile Malik




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