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Walmersley Nursery Parents Comments – May 2016

Tom is able to use his imagination freely and develop his understanding of the world constantly. Kelly Wroe & Neil Burke


The best thing about nursery is the consistency of care and approachable staff. Feel as though they know my child and us as parents. Senior staff are very approachable and understanding, made to feel your child matters.  Joanne Calcutt


The staff are fabulous, very caring, encouraging and supportive. Thank you for all your hard work in looking after Ellie. You all do a brilliant job.  Marie Cowley


The staff make us feel very comfortable to leave Ruby here, they go above and beyond. Charlotte is very welcoming in the morning. I love the beautiful work book by Amber. Parents Evening was very special and very organised. I think Sarah is the sunshine of the nursery and always makes my family and I feel very welcome and reassured that my child is in safe, caring hands. I have visited other nurseries before this one and the standard of Mulberry Bush really is outstanding!  Jemma Hill

All staff are friendly. Mulberry is a great nursery, I’ll be gutted when she leaves but thank you everyone for being part of the child that she is today.  Gemma Litherland


The staff are very helpful and enthusiastic and the outdoors areas are great, they are very friendly and have built up lovely relationships with them. We are really happy with everything about the nursery and would recommend it to others.  Fiona Cardoza


The staff are lovely and I feel happy leaving my child in their care. Ethan really enjoyed coming to Mulberry Bush – he’s going to miss everyone when he leaves to go to school. We can’t believe 4 years has gone so quickly!  Emma Brown


The best thing about nursery is the people, everyone from managers, staff and directors. This is a really strong point about the nursery and why they are so successful, owners and managers clearly care and are passionate about what they do. Thank you to everybody for providing such a good nursery for my children.  Melissa Hargreaves


The outside areas are wonderful, team members always make us feel welcome.  Rebecca Turner
We think all the staff in the unit are amazing and really care about Theo. Theo loves the food here and regularly eats everything.  Amy Ireland


Dedicated staff. Team members are very caring; all interactions observed have been joyful and affectionate. I’ll miss Sarah when she goes on mat leave. It’s really difficult to leave your baby with anyone after caring for them 24/7 for a whole year. However, Farah seems to have loved nursery from the start and I couldn’t be happier with the care she receives.  Sarah Johnson


Safe, secure, welcoming.  Michael Hunt


Deserved of their outstanding, excellent nursery.  Gemma Wall


Reputation and outstanding staff members. Management are friendly and always happy to help.  Jess Dunderdale

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