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Our 'PYJAMAS & STORYTELLING' charity event raised an amazing 7,596.19 for 3 fantastic charities: The Good Life Orphanage, Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Home Start Bury.

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Fresh air and vigorous activity are essential for children's wellbeing and fitness. The more children's muscles and senses are exercised, the more the brain will develop its capacity for learning. Our stimulating outdoor areas are well designed and offer irresistible learning opportunities and extend the learning that goes on inside.

Each of our play areas are landscaped with all-weather surfaces, climbing frames and a variety of activity panels and equipment. As well as providing endless possibilities for exploration, outdoors is also an excellent place to express different feelings and emotions with places to be quiet, relax and daydream. Outdoor play is an important part of every child's day and whatever the weather the children get plenty of fresh air.


"All children at the setting use an extensive range of equipment that fully supports and enhances their physical development. They undertake obstacle courses, climb over and through equipment and they enjoy using the slide and see-saws as they practise their balancing skills.” 

Mary Henderson, Ofsted inspector, Whitefield nursery 08/09/11

“If it is raining, the children know to go and get their wellingtons, raincoats and umbrellas and continue with their play as they wish. Younger children and babies go out to play in their all weather rain suits so that they can crawl, toddle and enjoy longer periods of fresh air throughout the year.”

Mary Henderson, Ofsted inspector, Whitefield nursery 08/09/11

“All children have access to the outside areas and continuous provision is accessible throughout the day, both inside and outside, to ensure all children are able to have fresh air everyday.”

Wendy Fitton, Ofsted inspector, Tottington Nursery, 04/08/11

“Staff are observant of the physical challenges children create for themselves. They stay close by when children experiment and test their own abilities, for example , when a younger child chooses to walk up the steps to the tree house unaided. Consequently, children are provided with challenges within safe limits.”

Mary Chekired, Ofsted inspector, Walshaw Nursery, 30/08/13



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