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Our 'PYJAMAS & STORYTELLING' charity event raised an amazing 7,596.19 for 3 fantastic charities: The Good Life Orphanage, Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Home Start Bury.

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Our charity events

We have one main charity event every year. Over 800 children and 180 team members from across all five nurseries raise sponsorship money for dressing up for a particular theme. Previous themes have included Pattern, Pirates or Rainbow Colours. Rather than just having a single charity day, we dress up all week so that all of our children can take part in the event.


We always invite exciting visitors into the nursery for the week and have lots of fun activities that relate to the theme. Family and friends always contribute extremely generously and each event raises thousands of pounds. We always ask parents to suggest local children's charities who they would like us to support.




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