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Our 'PYJAMAS & STORYTELLING' charity event raised an amazing 7,596.19 for 3 fantastic charities: The Good Life Orphanage, Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Home Start Bury.

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Helping others

We have held an annual charity event since our Tottington nursery opened in 1990. Since starting fundraising, the nurseries have raised more than £100,000 for over 50 different charities. The charities we have supported have always been nominated by parents or team members and the majority have been local children's charities.

As well as providing invaluable support for very worthwhile causes, the children love the fund raising activities and it provides them with a greater awareness of those less fortunate than themselves.

Children's positive contribution and awareness of the wider world is fostered significantly as they involve themselves in charitable activities, such as dressing-up to raise funds for events in their community and as they collect shoes for a charity based in Kenya.

Mary Henderson, Ofsted inspector, Whitefield Nursery, 08/09/11

All children are valued and respected and show sensitivity to differences. They are involved in fund raising for children in other countries and for children who are in different family situations than their own.

Wendy Fitton, Ofsted Inspector, Tottington Nursery, 04/08/11



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