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Terms and conditions

We endeavour to provide the very best standards of childcare at all times.  Children are at the centre of every decision we make, ensuring their safety, happiness and well being is what motivates every single member of our team.  However we do need to set out some of the important terms and conditions of the nursery and these are listed below.


Starting information
Our nurseries are popular and there is a high level of demand for places. Most vacancies occur in August and September when the older pre-school children leave us to start school and younger children move up through the nursery. Places for these vacancies have usually been booked far in advance. We advise new parents/carers to view their chosen nursery, collect an enrolment form and return it to us completed as soon as possible. We do not enter children’s names on our waiting list until we receive the completed form.


When allocating places we consider whose request best matches our vacancies, if a parent/carer may have a child already attending the nursery and whose enrolment form is received earliest.  If you have requested a particular starting date but the place is available and in demand before that date, you will be offered the place first. You can either start your child early or hold on to the place by paying for it. If neither option is suitable it may be offered to someone else.


Guaranteeing a place
We will try our best to accommodate your preferred start date and booking pattern. You will not be required to make any payments to nursery until we can guarantee a place, at which point we will ask you for a non-refundable registration fee, together with the equivalent of one week’s fees in order to reserve your child’s place (reserve payment).  This reserve payment will be applied as your child’s first week’s fees.  It is refundable provided you give us four weeks’ notice prior to your child’s agreed start date that you no longer require the place.


Before your child starts, we require a deposit equivalent to two weeks fees to be paid.  You will be presented with an invoice detailing this deposit, together with your first month’s fees on your child’s taster sessions.  Payment of the deposit and the first week’s fees (if a reserve payment has not been made) must be made when your child comes in for their second taster session. 


The deposit is retained by the nursery and you will be required to increase the deposit should your child’s attendance increase, and we will refund a portion of the deposit should your child’s attendance decrease. It cannot to be used for payment against ongoing nursery fees.  


We will apply the majority of the deposit against your final invoice, and retain a proportion (£50 if weekly attendance is one or two days, £100 if weekly attendance is three days or more) until your child’s final day to cover any early or late sessions or extra days in their final month.  The balance will be returned to you via a BACS payment shortly thereafter.


Payment of nursery fees
We offer a significant discount for parents who pay by Direct Debit.  If you choose to pay fees other than by Direct Debit, your fees will be at the higher rate.  Direct Debits amounts are taken on either the first, second or third working day of every month depending on which nursery you attend.  You will receive an invoice detailing the amount to be taken ten working days beforehand. 


If your Direct Debit is returned due to insufficient funds, we will charge a £25 administration fee for the collection of that month’s fees.  If this happens on repeated occasions, we will ask that you pay your fees other than by Direct Debit (and therefore at the higher rate).


If you intend to pay your nursery fees other than by Direct Debit, you will receive an invoice on the first working day of the month detailing your fees for that month.  Cash, cheque or debit/credit card weekly payments must be paid on the first day of attendance in that week.  BACs or standing order weekly payments must have been received into the nursery bank account no later than Wednesday prior to the week of attendance.


Childcare vouchers must have been received into the nursery bank account no later than the 10th of each month in order to count towards the following month’s fees. 


As acceptance of a place prevents the place being taken by another child, fees are payable whether or not your child attends e.g. holidays, sickness.  Fees must always be paid in advance and not in arrears.  If your fees become overdue, we will ensure that we communicate with you about them in order to resolve any issues.  However, if your nursery fees are in arrears, we may find that we are not able to continue to look after your child.


Ofsted registration numbers
The Ofsted registration numbers for each of our nurseries are listed on the ‘Ofsted Comments’ sections of our website.


Funded Hours for 3 & 4 year olds
Our nurseries are open for 51 weeks a year and as a result of feedback from the vast majority of our parents, we spread the free hours entitlement for 3 and 4 year olds throughout the year. This means for most of the year you will receive 12 hours of free childcare each week. 


Although the 570 hours of childcare each year is free, you will be charged for any additional hours of childcare which you access over and above the free entitlement.  Parents will also be charged for meals, drinks and snacks during children’s funded sessions when they occur over breakfast, lunch or tea time. 


A separate information handout is available which gives more detail about how we operate the Free Early Education Entitlement.


Fifth day discount
We offer a large reduction in fees for a fifth day of attendance in the same week.  For weeks where the nursery is not open for five days this reduction is not available and all days are charged at the prevailing rate for a full day.


Change in attendance / notice period
Should you wish to reduce your child’s days of attendance or to terminate your child’s place at the nursery,  we need a minimum of four weeks notice.  Please complete a ‘Change of Attendance Form’ and hand it to a member of our management team who will process it for you.  These forms are available from the office and dispensers on parent/carer noticeboards or you can download it from our website.  Notice as to booking pattern decreases in attendance or termination of a child's place at nursery will only take effect after the last day of your child's attendance during the week that the notice is given. Increases in attendance will be accommodated as soon as possible. Changes to booking patterns must take place at the beginning of a week of attendance. 


Nursery opening hours
The nursery is open from 8.00am until 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. We do not charge when the nursery is closed (i.e. bank holidays or the period between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day).  There is an early session of 7.30 until 8.00am and a late session of 5.30 until 6.00pm available if required at an additional charge. 


Additional children attending
If you have two or three children attending nursery at the same time we will offer a reduction in fees.  For the second child their first week’s nursery fees will be free of charge.  If you have a third child attending they will attract an ongoing 10% discount for the period where all three children are attending.


Nursery fee review
Our fees are reviewed annually in September.  Any increase reflects our commitment to rewarding and retaining our team and reinvesting in the buildings and equipment.


Policies and procedures
The nursery policies and procedures are available for inspection in each office. 


In accordance with our policies and procedures, we reserve the right to temporarily exclude a child in the event of illness or threat of infection to other children, during which period fees will continue to be payable.  We also reserve the right to refuse admission and/or terminate a child’s attendance in accordance with our policies and procedures.


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