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We are thrilled that our 5 nurseries are amongst the first 25 nurseries in the country to receive the Millie's Mark award in recognition of our ongoing commitment for keeping children safe.

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Useful links

Below you will find a useful resource of government links and links to organisations aimed at providing support and information for parents and child related issues.


link to hm revenue websiteHM Customs & Excise - Child Benefit

Find out everything you need to know about current child benefit legislation and procedures for claiming benefits that you are entitled to.

LINK TO HM chilcare siteHM Customs & Excise - Childcare

Information about childcare including important details about the governments childcare voucher scheme.

link to the sure start websiteEducation

The Department for Education is responsible for education and children’s services. Find out about the academies programme which provides schools with greater freedoms to innovate and raise standards.

link to ofsted websiteOfsted

Ofsted is the inspectorate for children and learners in England. They provide impartial information about the quality of education and care.

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